What is Making it Here?

Through a series of tours and public programs, Making it Here explored manufacturing in contemporary New York City: what it looks like, how it works, and why it is so important to the future of the city. Making it Here was organized by Open House New York in partnership with New York City Economic Development Corporation.

Why are we doing it?

Today’s manufacturing sector is more diffuse, diverse, and dynamic than what many people might imagine. Making it Here served as an opportunity for New Yorkers to visit contemporary manufacturing spaces across the five boroughs and learn, firsthand, what having manufacturing in their neighborhoods today really means.

How can you participate?

Making it Here was comprised of a series of tours and events over the course of 2014. You can read full, detailed recaps of the tours offered as part of this series on the MIH Blog, or visit the Resources page of this website to read more about how and where things are made in New York City today.

Open House New York Weekend

Every October, OHNY Weekend unlocks the doors of New York’s most important buildings, offering an extraordinary opportunity to experience the city and meet the people who design, build, and preserve New York. From historic to contemporary, residential to industrial, hundreds of sites across the five boroughs are open to visit.

During the 12th Annual OHNY Weekend in 2014, Making it Here expanded its reach to the tens of thousands of visitors who participated in the festival through two very special programmatic series.

Factory Friday
On Friday, October 10, the day before OHNY Weekend officially began, factories across the city opened their doors for special, rarely offered factory tours.

A variety of makerspaces around the city opened to the public during OHNY Weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, October 11-12.

Click here to learn about Factory Friday and the Makerspaces track!