Today is National Manufacturing Day!

Posted Maisha Lopa Post

National Manufacturing Day is about embracing the ingenuity of New York City’s manufacturers. From Williamsburg’s iconic Brooklyn Brewery to Precision Metal Fabricators at Gowanus, to newer creators like Jacques Torres and Makerbot, making things has always been a part of who we are as New Yorkers.

There are lots of events, talks and tours happening across the 5 boroughs in celebration of Manufacturing Day and we encourage you to take full advantage! In honor of New York City’s historic sector, the MGIS Team at the New York City Economic Development Corporation is excited to present a longitudinal comparison of the city’s manufacturing industries as it was in 1922 and as it looks today. The comparison is of establishment numbers and geographic spread of key manufacturing subsectors such as Food & Beverage, Textile, Apparel & Leather Goods etc.

Industrial Map of New York City, Then


New York Public Library Map Divsions (Merchants’ Association of New York (Map – 1922)


Industrial Map of New York City, Now


Data overlay created by MGIS Team at New York City Economic Development Corporation. Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012. Base map: New York Public Library Map Divions (Merchants’ Association of New York (Map – 1922))